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You'll see and hear from us at events, in YouTube videos, & on the podcast!

James Ingalls

Film Director

A Filmmaker since he was six years old, James started The Filmmakers Project in 2013 with the goal of helping filmmakers perfect their craft. He's directed many short films, a webseries, and is now working on his first feature film!

Allan Velez

Screen Actor

An actor who came up with the initial idea of what would become FilmStart, Allan has been with The Filmmakers Project since 2018. He's acted in many short films and shows, including Netflix's Mindhunter and The Pasta Tin.

Chris Kokitka

Screen Actor

An actor who plays the lead role in The Pasta Tin web series, and has also worked on many other films, Chris officially joined The Filmmakers Project in 2018, helping to develop FilmStart.

Gary Montgomery

A Code Guy

An app developer in the same highschool class as Allan and James, Gary joined The Filmmakers Project in 2018 with the devlopment of FilmStart.

Jose Estremera


A great photographer who's worked with the rest of the team on several projects, Jose captures those frames which aren't meant to be shown for only 1/24 of a second.